About Us

INNOVATE is established with the aim to re-adapt the Taiwanese and Chinese abacus arithmetic and mental arithmetic method of teaching. Traditional mathematics uses the logic left brain. However, INNOVATE’s image training engages the creative right brain to visualise a virtual abacus while utilising the logic left brain to manipulate that abacus.

The world is changing rapidly. Information and technology, such as social media, touch screen devices, smart phones etc. have fast become a necessity not only in our lives, but they have also affected the lives of our children too. All old school of thoughts, teachings, materials etc. must innovate to keep up with the modern parents’ and students’ expectations, and most of all with the changing times. Obsolescence has to make way for innovation.

High tech gadgets seem so easy to operate but require sound basic skills. At INNOVATE, we train your child to enhance his Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (touch) and Imaginative skills which are relevant in today’s challenging world.

In keeping with the global technological advancements, INNOVATE is a leading Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Education Centre that incorporates MULTIMEDIA teaching techniques with MUSIC. Thus, combining the teaching of ancient tool, art and the modern science.

INNOVATE is a multimedia-based, comprehensive, unique, proven and trusted program. We constantly improve our teaching skills, create good learning environment and implement vivid and lively teaching, edit and create high standard teaching materials, to suit learners’ needs.

At INNOVATE, we help every learner to:

Challenge their own perception

Realise their own potential

Enrich and  make their own learning experience enjoyable

Stimulate and participate intellectually

Think analytically and strategically

INNOVATE creates a niche for itself through quality education and effective propagation. The ever increasing awareness of the significance of music for healing and logical IT application has led INNOVATE to develop a program that focuses on academic, logical, emotional as well as technology.

The program is suitable for learners of all ages. Just as you exercise your body, you must regularly stimulate and exercise your brain. Exercise your mind and indulge in mental challenges, by learning INNOVATE an intellectually stimulating mental arithmetic program.

Solving mental arithmetic rapidly stimulates the largest regions of the brain, thus the regeneration of nerve endings in the brain. Keep counting, keep thinking and you will keep your wits. Boost your brain!