Helena Ung

CEO Helena Ung

As CEO of Innovate Mental Arithmetic Australia, I have been teaching Australian children abacus and mental arithmetic since 2014. 

When I was a child, I lived with my uncle who used the abacus to calculate numbers. I loved watching him use the abacus so skilfully. It seemed so clever and mysterious and I was intrigued about how it could also be used in the modern world. 

When my children were in primary school, like all parents, I was always looking for different ways to improve their learning experience. I was delighted to hear about local abacus classes, and enrolled both my daughters in the class. 

After witnessing the improvement in their ability to think and calculate with speed after just a few months of learning the abacus, I started looking for a similar but better program I could introduce to the wider Australian community.

After much research, my husband Noren and I chose the Innovate Mental Arithmetic program, originally developed in Malaysia. 

Innovate is a brain training program that specialises in teaching the abacus and mental arithmetic incorporating multimedia and music. It teaches a two-hand method which stimulates the left brain (IQ) and right brain (EQ) in a fun environment. 

It is so enjoyable to see children thrive while gaining a valuable range of life skills along the way, all helping them become great learners and more successful human beings. 

We are keen to spread awareness throughout Australia so we can help many more children gain more confidence and skill.