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INNOVATE is a learning centre that enrich children's lives by offering a holistic brain training program that stimulates the left and right brain for IQ (intellectual) and EQ (emotional). We provide quality education specialising in teaching the ABACUS and MENTAL ARITHMETIC using the two-hand methodology. The program incorporates music and multimedia, and encourages the use of the different senses for better learning.

At INNOVATE we do not believe a child’s education should be just limited to facts and figures, that is why we have our 5 MINDS Teaching Strategy.

  • DISCIPLINED Mind: Ability to focus and develop a deep knowledge of at least one subject.
  • SYNTHESISING Mind: Allows one to process information from various sources to combine it in a way that make sense.
  • CREATIVE Mind: Puts forth new ideas and fresh ways of thinking or innovate.
  • RESPECTFUL Mind: Critical in developing students who welcome and respect different people and opinions.
  • ETHICAL Mind: Understand people and work to benefit society at large beyond their self interests.

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