The Innovate licensing opportunity is open to all individuals or companies who share a common vision and have a passion for educating young minds and enriching their lives.

Why purchase an Innovate License?

  • A rewarding, value based, fun business.
  • Be your own boss
  • Career satisfaction
  • Flexible working hours
  • Steady income growth
  • Change lives and impact the community

What makes Innovate unique?

  • First in the world to incorporate mental arithmetic with music
  • Multimedia teaching including online training
  • Right and left brain learning: IQ + EQ
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Character building
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Record learner’s progress
  • Super Speed counting and writing
  • Superior 2-hand and 4-finger technique
  • Teach according to individual learning pace
  • Founder is continuously doing the research and development

The Innovate Program

  • Once a week 90 minute class of Multimedia + Music based classroom training
  • My Smiley Online Training
  • Course completion 3 to 4 years depending on child’s ability

Why select Innovate?

  • INNOVATE Two-Hand Abacus System is an Innovative Method combining the teaching of ancient tool and the modern science.
  • Founder and CEO of Innovate International, also international master trainer has trained thousands of adults and children worldwide on brain development.
  • World’s first Mental Arithmetic Education system that uses Multimedia Teaching Techniques and incorporate with it Music.
  • INNOVATE’s 5 Minds Teaching Strategy. Disciplined, Synthesising, Creative, Respectful and Ethical Minds.
  • Highly skilled program. Constantly researched and developed by INNOVATE’s dedicated team.
  • Online Training and Learning for INNOVATE teachers and students at just a click of a button. Every individual will be allocated a password and Main Office / Licencees are able to access student learning progress.
  • Online system management support. To assist in the day-to-day data management and record tracking.

What benefits you can enjoy

We provide extensive training in the fine art of operating an INNOVATE Teaching Centre licensee through intensive and focused methods that will acclimatise the licensee and their staff to operate efficiently.

The training will cover all aspects of operations including the business, educational cultural aspects which ensure that the new INNOVATE Teaching Centre Licensee is made a member of INNOVATE family before he takes up his new venture.

The training takes place at INNOVATE corporate office or a training branch or at Teaching Centre.

Ongoing Support

You can contact our INNOVATE support staff to assist you with day-to-day operating matters.

We arrange for the items required to run your operations. In most cases, you will benefit from reduced prices. These savings help you to optimise your margins.

We continually review and evaluate opportunities for new ideas enhancement of existing services. Our Founder/CEO, Ms Ivylina Tiang and her team are still continuing their research and personally devoted for the continuous upgrading of this program.

INNOVATE has a product reengineering division whereby we customise this product to suit our socio economic and cultural requirements. Value addition to benefit the children, parents and the community is our social responsibility and we strive for that. As a business associate you are benefiting from all these activities.

We work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts – all in step with INNOVATE’s dynamic image. All our Teaching Centre Licensees have access to professional designs of advertising, promotional and marketing materials. All these materials produced are geared to produce results and give our licensees a competitive edge above the rest, if any.

INNOVATE Teaching Centre Licensees receive the complete set of tools they need to run their centres – our custom designed books, lesson plans, multimedia classroom training programs, other curriculum plans, important notices, support materials for multi media presentations to parents, functions, celebrations and shared learning from other branches are just some of the materials that are constantly provided to all our centres.

Innovate is a rewarding, value based, fun business.

Be your own boss

Career satisfaction

Flexible working hours

Steady income growth

Change lives and impact the community.