Harry was one of the first students who started at Innovate when we first opened in 2015. He was a very shy and quiet boy but was very consistent with his work. It took Harry 3 months to stand in front of the class and 6 months later was able to calculate and perform in front of the class with great confidence.


Aalayah started the Innovate program at three and a half years of age, even before she went to preschool. The program taught her important skills like mental maths, focusing and listening skills, memory and building her confidence so that she could have a head start when she starts school.


David joined Innovate at the age of 8 when he was in second grade. Within 3 years, he finished our course mastering mental calculations of 4 digit 10 rows addition and subtraction and multiplication and division of large numbers.

Kind words from our parents

We signed up our children to attend Innovate with the possibility of enhancing their exposure to mathematics by use of the abacus and brain training skills to improve problem solving and memory.

Innovate has delivered above and beyond our expectations of mathematics and problem solving skills. The program has assisted my children in:

  • building self-confidence in the classroom environment with children encouraged to stand in front of their peers and demonstrate their ability and learnings
  • sense of pride in achievement – parents are provided recordings of what their children are achieving within the classroom, with children demonstrating a sense of pride in their performance when they watch the videos
  • independent learning – my children are becoming more responsible for their own learning, they rarely complain about completing homework now. The children understand the faster they complete their homework, the sooner they can move on to their free time activities
  • focus – sessions encourage children to remain engaged in the task and reward accordingly
  • attention to detail – children are empowered to strive for improvement in their work as they see the results of their hard work (and it shows through their performance at school)
  • persistence- weekly homework is reinforcement of their learnings
  • speed – speed based tasks assist children in exam technique and ensuring that the strategies are embedded
  • memory function has been enhanced through repetition.

The Innovate program has also helped my husband and myself become more conscious of our parenting style via parenting workshops to assist in:

  • Understanding the needs of the child i.e. consistency, care and communication
  • Positive parenting techniques to encourage and enhance the wellbeing of the child and relationship with parents
  • Homework strategies, reward systems and time management that will enhance our children’s performance throughout their schooling life and beyond
  • Abacus training to assist our children with their learning and homework.

I would recommend the Innovate program to all children aged 4 years and above. The program develops the ‘whole child’ and parents alike.

The teaching staff demonstrate a genuine care for student success and provide targeted feedback and differentiated tasks to match the child’s ability and stage of learning.

ANNETTE – Parent of Sofia, Valentina and Rafael

We decided to place Jamison with Innovate so he could develop a better understanding of maths and to build confidence and train his brain to encourage positive thinking.

After 3 months of weekly sessions, his maths skills greatly improved. He is able to calculate sums by mentally visualising the abacus. His ability to do this is truly superb, especially in such a short period of time.

Other areas of schooling have also improved, such as spelling and reading. I believe it’s due to the confidence and positive thinking that he’s gained from the program.

I recommend Innovate as the program for children not just for maths skills but also to improve positive thinking, have a better attitude towards learning and gain everyday life skills.

Thank you.

MARIE – Parent of Jamieson