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Innovate is a holistic brain training program.

Our unique Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program combines with Music and Multimedia for an enhanced learning experience. Besides classroom training, our students are provided with an Online Training Platform to discover, compete, inspire and share with other students globally.

The 2-Hand 4-Finger Technique is designed to produce Left and Right Brain balance.

Our award-winning and globally recognised program helps children increase their focus and imagination while fostering a love for numbers and mathematical sums.

Abacus and mental arithmetic are two concepts that are almost always correlated. The more familiar you are with the abacus, the faster you will learn and master mental arithmetic.

Research has shown that the abacus can be a really good way to learn mental arithmetic. It is proven that the abacus can help in developing a child’s concentration, visualisation and listening skills.

Long before the calculator or the computer, the abacus has been used do mathematical computations. When your child uses the abacus, they develop their ability to process and remember images.

They move the beads up and down and into different columns – with each bead and movement representing a number. Now, when your child uses both hands in performing speed mathematics or calculation, they develop the right and left side of their brain.

The movement of the beads in an abacus stimulates a quick communication between a child’s logical and creative skills. The more these two are used simultaneously, the faster and more intelligent your child becomes.

We instill a love of learning that will stay with them for life.

Benefits of this learning

• Numbers/Mathematical Skills

• Computational Thinking

• Focus and Imagination

• Confidence

• Creativity

• Memory

• Speed

Why select us?

• Abacus Mental Arithmetic

• + Music + Multimedia

• International Online Training

• Super-speed counting and writing

• Critical thinking & problem solving

• Relaxation techniques

• Self-paced learning

• Access to online learning platform at the convenience of your home.

• Entry to INNOVATE Annual Competition and yearly exams.

• Track your child’s performance through our online portal.

• Professional accredited trainers.

Our Courses

Preschool Kickstart Program (3.5-5 years old)

Our Junior Program indulges children in mental arithmetic with music and dance movements – they play and learn. This early childhood education focuses on building children’s self-confidence, self-expression, providing lots of self-assurance that they can do it. Our stress-free environment helps each child to learn the basic skills of mental arithmetic at ease.

The curriculum will help to prepare young learners to:

1.  Enhance their motor and cognitive skills.

2.  Understand the concepts of numbers from 0 – 9.

3.  Develop their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, imaginative and creative skills.

4.  Learn the formulae of abacus mental arithmetic.

Fast Track Primary Program (5-12 years old)

The concepts, techniques and methodology of 2-hand, 4-finger is introduced to primary students. Motivations, critical thinking and problem solving skills are applied to maximise the results of each student. Relaxation techniques and music will help to give every student the sense of calm which can be applied in their everyday life.

Abacus Arithmetic and Mental Arithmetic are introduced concurrently. Eventually, the student will do away with the abacus and be able to visualise the image of abacus in their mind. They are expected to know the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The objective of learning this program is to give students self-confidence, self-fulfilment and an enjoyable journey – ultimately, changing the way they think and focus.

Upskilling Teen Program (13-17 years old)

This is an advanced course for students who already have a sound foundation from the Primary Program. It further enhances the realm of the learner’s imagination, focus, concentration, memory, mental agility and calculation skill.


The advantages of right and left brain learning.

In the first six years of life, a child’s right brain is open and primed to absorb incredible amounts of information. Children with early exposure to quality program during this time create a rich knowledge library from which they will tap into for the rest of their lives.

As a child continues to grow and develop, his right brain pathway becomes less engaged. INNOVATE training helps to reactivate and maintain a child’s right brain connection.

The goal of Right and Left Brain Education is to enable full, balanced functioning of both sides of a child’s brain by nurturing the often-neglected right brain. In doing so, INNOVATE program results in a greater whole brain intelligence, creativity, harmony and well-being than most educational programs alone cannot produce.

People who have mastered Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using 2-hand method:

  • Both their left and right brain are more developed than others.
  • Have better calculating skills.
  • Have keener sense of sight, hearing, feeling and imagination.
  • Their brain forms beta wave frequency.

What does it mean to be left-brain or right-brain dominant?

Many scientists agree that there seem to be two modes of thinking; the intuitive, creative mode of the right brain hemisphere and the highly logical, organised mode of the left brain hemisphere.

Our personalities are determined, to a great degree, by our preferred mode of thinking and reasoning.

Actually, our dominant brain mode is very fascinating to explore, and it can tell us a lot about how we study and learn efficiently.

People who are left-brain dominant tend to be:

  • Organised
  • Logical
  • Detail oriented
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Objective

They are usually:

  • Good at mathematics and science
  • Good at making visual comparisons
  • Best working in quiet atmosphere
  • Thinking sequentially, one thought at a time

People who are right-brain dominant tend to be:

  • Cluttered
  • Emotion-based
  • Free thinking
  • Intuitive
  • Deep thinkers

They are usually:

  • Creative writers or artists
  • Good at seeing through lies and tricks
  • Good at working with background noise
  • Thinking about many things at one time, comparing and contrasting thoughts