Innovate Mind is a learning skills and WordBank training program for 3-13 year olds.

Our Right Brain and Left Brain development approach can prepare your child to be more balanced, a better learner and performer to enable them to excel in Preschool and Primary school.

We teach the right learning skills and knowledge that every child needs to learn for academic success.

Our vast vocabulary-list WordBank opens their mind and sharpens communication. In addition, appropriate sensory stimulation plays an important role in your child’s total brain development.

This is 5 years old Sher Meen demonstrating one of the many activities
in the Innovate Mind program – Memory WordBank.

We instill a love of learning that will stay with them for life.

Innovate Mind is designed to boost your child’s:

• Words, Vocabulary and Language

• Relational and Critical Thinking

• Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic processing

• Communication Skills

• Photographic Memory

• Imagination

Why you would choose our Mind Program:

• Vast Vocabulary WordBank

• Imaging for faster Word Recognition

• Creativity and Emotional Development

• Visualisation and Spatial Training

• Sound for Auditory Memory

• Enhancement of Motor Skills

The advantages of right and left brain learning.

In the first six years of life, a child’s right brain is open and primed to absorb incredible amounts of information. Children with early exposure to quality program during this time create a rich knowledge library from which they will tap into for the rest of their lives.

As a child continues to grow and develop, their right brain pathway becomes less engaged. INNOVATE training helps to reactivate and maintain their right brain connection.

The goal of Right and Left Brain Education is to enable full, balanced functioning of both sides of a child’s brain by nurturing the often-neglected right brain.

In doing so, INNOVATE programs result in a greater whole brain intelligence, creativity, harmony and wellbeing than most educational programs alone cannot produce.

What does it mean to be left-brain or right-brain dominant?

Many scientists agree that there seem to be two modes of thinking; the intuitive, creative mode of the right brain hemisphere and the highly logical, organised mode of the left brain hemisphere.

Our personalities are determined, to a great degree, by our preferred mode of thinking and reasoning.

Actually, our dominant brain mode is very fascinating to explore, and it can tell us a lot about how we study and learn efficiently.

People who are left-brain dominant tend to be:

  • Organised
  • Logical
  • Detail oriented
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Objective

They are usually:

  • Good at mathematics and science
  • Good at making visual comparisons
  • Best working in quiet atmosphere
  • Thinking sequentially, one thought at a time

People who are right-brain dominant tend to be:

  • Cluttered
  • Emotion-based
  • Free thinking
  • Intuitive
  • Deep thinkers

They are usually:

  • Creative writers or artists
  • Good at seeing through lies and tricks
  • Good at working with background noise
  • Thinking about many things at one time, comparing and contrasting thoughts