Innovate Casula


Dec 09

A New Family Member

We are really excited about a new Innovate Centre opening up in Casula. We are delighted to welcome Tao Hu, the Director/Centre Manager of Casula into the Innovate family. Tao is very passionate about wanting to make a difference in the education of our children.

Tao came to know about Innovate from her sister-in-law who saw our program on Facebook. They both came to a preview and trial class and with confidence enrolled their children in our program.

Small Changes

After a couple of months into the program Tao started to see changes in her daughter. In addition to the improvements in her basic arithmetic skills, she was able to focus and concentrate better.

Noticing the difference in her daughter, Tao investigated deeper into Innovate's program. Innovate teaches  abacus and mental arithmetic,  at the same time develop a child's emotional quotient (EQ) as well as the intellectual quotient (IQ) which is the more recognised of the two.

Not Just Smart.........

Tao saw that the Innovate program teaches the foundation they need to learn and understand math, using a modified version of the ancient tool, the abacus. The program incorporates different aspects of learning to suit most children. The stirring of the abacus beads helps those who are more hands on. The using of the image card to do mental arithmetic suits the more visual and imaginative child. Calling out numbers and aural online work suit those children who are more auditory learners.

Tao was really impressed with the program helping her daughter to build a solid foundation in arithmetic, but Tao was delighted that Innovate's program also developed her focus and concentration, and self confidence. Not only was her daughter improving intellectually but emotionally as well.

Making A Difference

Being passionate about her daughter's education, she would do anything to help her. Recognising the many benefits that Innovate's program delivers, Tao knew that she can also help to make a difference in other children's education using the Innovate program. From that moment, Tao carried the Innovate torch to make a difference, tirelessly searched for a suitable location for her own Innovate centre. After months of searching and hard work, she has found a perfect location at Casula Central.

Visit Us

Come and visit Toa at Innovate Casula, she would be delighted to show you around and share with you how Innovate can help to make a difference in your child's education.


Suit 6, Unit 17

663-639 Hume Hwy, Casula, NSW 2170