Parents are searching for a credible method that would make their children winners in their own right. Entrepreneurs are looking for innovative supplementary education that is intellectually wanting and adequate to meet the needs of the demanding world.

Consequently, Abacus Mental Arithmetic for Total Brain Development Franchise has become one of the most lucrative business sector today and INNOVATE has identified this for you.

INNOVATE’s proven powerful education business model gives fast return, is sustainable, fun and scalable. You don't need any formal training or qualification because our highly qualified Master Trainers will teach you everything you need to know about abacus mental arithmetic.

This is a really exciting and smart opportunity to run your very own INNOVATE Mental Arithmetic business centre. Besides the fact that anyone be a partner, here are the other benefits you will get from starting your own centre:

  • Affordable start-up cost
  • Extensive initial and regular training
  • Access to multimedia teaching (online training)
  • Access to ready-mad lesson plans
  • Complete support of computerised management systems
  • Professional advisory services
  • basic entrepreneurial tips and lessons

Why start your OWN INNOVATE Centre?

  • SMALL investment outlay in a business with a HUGE POTENTIAL
  • NO specialised training or qualification REQUIRED
  • Make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of children for the BETTER
  • A refreshing change from all other businesses in a FAST GROWING sector

INNOVATE Mental Arithmetic is a tested and unique program that totally works. The concept is productive, efficient and effective. We continue to maintain the standard and quality of teaching worldwide.

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